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Umberto Trainings in Q3/Q4 2014

ifu Hamburg has just published their training calendar for the second half of 2014. Among the...



ecoinvent v3 and GaBi LCI: Use both databases in parallel in Umberto NXT

In Umberto NXT LCA and Umberto NXT Universal both the ecoinvent v3 LCI database and the GaBi LCI...



09/10/2014 to 09/12/2014

Enviroinfo 2014, Oldenburg, Germany

ICT for energy efficiency


09/25/2014 to 09/26/2014

Resource Efficiency Congress Baden-Württemberg

Karlsruhe will host the Resource Efficiency Congress Baden-Württemberg on September 25/26, 2014....


carbon footprint software

Features, Data and Standards for successful Carbon Footprinting

Let us provide you with the right footwear for your path to success!

  • Quick and easy calculation of product life cycle models
  • Product-related CO2 footprints (Product Carbon Footprint) according to PAS 2050, GHG Protocol, and ISO 14067
  • CO2 footprints for a location or company (Corporate Carbon Footprint)

Umberto NXT CO2: features overview


  • Modern user interface with floating or dockable frames and  double screen operation available
  • Carbon footprint calculations according to PAS 2050, GHG Protocol Product Accounting & Reporting Standard, and ISO 14067
  • Includes about 4000 materials with GWP values from the ecoinvent database and GWP data from Colombia
  • BioGrace database with GWP values of bio fuels
  • Language: English
  • Manual and tutorial in PDF format
  • Comprehensive help system for an easy start
  • Update notifications for new versions

Modeling and Calculation

  • Graphical mapping of product life cycles in a network model
  • Network elements: process, input, output and Sankey arrow
  • Frame for structuring the life cycle model in phases
  • Additional graphic elements: rectangle, ellipse, line, text box, etc.
  • Importable images (clipart, icons, pictures)
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Drag&drop of materials directly onto processes, arrows and places
  • Copy and paste of elements and model areas
  • Gallery module with transport modules and for storing discrete areas of a life cycle model
  • Modeling of multi-product systems and allocation into individual products
  • Calculation of total flows, the product-related flows and CO2 fluxes per product
  • Process specifications using input and output coefficients
  • Process specifications with the help of functions and parameters
  • Process specifications using generic materials


  • Various options for layout adjustment of life cycle models and Sankey diagrams
  • Schedular and graphical presentation of the results of the carbon footprint calculation, individually assigned to groups
  • Apportionment of the carbon footprint results according to the phases of the life cycle
  • Apportionment of the carbon footprint results for direct emissions, indirect emissions from raw materials or energy (upstream) and indirect emissions from disposal (downstream)
  • Evaluation of the underlying flows of energy and materials
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Print function for all results (tables and graphs)


  • Sankey diagrams for all material and energy flows, the flows associated with a single product and the calculated CO2-equivalents
  • Multi Element Editing
  • Scaling of the Sankey diagrams for unit types
  • Export of high quality diagrams for printing
  • Saving and copying of carbon footprint value as footprint logo
  • Check out all features of the software
  • Get convinced of the ease of use
  • If you like it just purchase a your license key and activate your license