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Tentative Program 20th Umberto User Workshop

On September 22/23, 2015 the Umberto User Community comes together in Heidelberg to present their...



SUMMER TIME! Order Umberto now and get trained for free.

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09/22/2015 to 09/23/2015

20th Umberto User Workshop

Anniversary event to be held at Molkenkur in Heidelberg


Umberto CO2 Global Partner Network

International Partner Network for Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Management

With our international partners we are close to the markets and its specific challenges. Due to global supply chains this is important because of two main arguments:

  • Regional support in projects and questions
  • Professional international exchange of expertise on data, methods and challenges

Here is a list of our international partners.

ACV Brasil

A group of technological and environmental researchers founded ACV Brasil from the desire to create a company which contributes to guiding societies' development.

With studies on process productivity and analysis for a more efficient use of natural resources the company contributes to a fair and sustainable society.

ACV Brasil
Mr. Felipe Lion Motta
R. Nicarágua, 1701. Cj. 302, Bl. 2
Bacacheri – Curitiba/PR
CEP 82.515-260


+55 41 3044 5977


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CEIFA Ambiente, Ld.ª

The Centre of Environmental Studies, Information and Education (CEIFA) was founded in 2000 in order to support projects for sustainable development. 

The services include integrated resource and waste management, regional sustainable development and education in sustainable business. 

CEIFA Ambiente, Ld.ª
Mrs. Suhita Osorio-Peters / Mrs. Vera Durão
Rua Cidade de Liverpool 4, cv. dtª
1170-097 Lisboa

Tel.: +351-21 3920094
Fax: +351-21 3920091



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Delta Engineering Services Srl

Delta Engineering Services srl is an independent company for engineering and strategic consulting services.  

Their own professionals integrated with the values of local and international partners, offer competitive solutions in the fields of Eco-efficient uses of resources (water, energy and waste), engineering of plants and constructions, product and process management consultancy.

Delta Engineering Services Srl
Via Ravalli 12
fon: +39 0532 718417

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écoeff is the second Umberto partner in France and does life cycle assessment and eco conception since 1999. 

The company focusses especially on sustainable consumption, including questions of labeling.

é c o e f f
Mr. Sylvain Grelet
2 à 20 avenue du Président Allende
93106 Montreuil Cedex

fon +33 1 43 63 17 31
fax +33 1 70 64 67 45

e-mail to écoeff

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EVEA is a company specialized in life cycle assessment and product eco design. The expertise in questions on software solutions is accompanied by services on marketing and strategy.

Mr. Samuel Causse
CEI bâtiment 2
58 Boulevard Niels Bohr BP 52132
69603 Villeurbanne Cedex
fon +33 4 37 65 13 61
fax +33 9 70 62 02 94

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GAIA Servicios Ambientales

GAIA Servicios Ambientales is a company for environmental services located in Colombia.

The broad services contain all important consulting services on environmental issues: Life Cycle Assessment, Resource Efficiency, Carbon and Water Footprinting.

GAIA Servicios Ambientales

Mr. Carlos Andrés Naranjo Merino
Carrera 27D 36 Sur 82. Int 102

Tel.: +57 4 4445281
Fax: +57 4 3330920

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Indica srl

Indica srl is an eco-innovation consultancy company from Italy.

The company has expertise in public-private partnerships, management and governance tools oriented to sustainability, accountability (for more than 20 years), energy efficiency and energy policies, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. In the last years Indica has set up also a carbon offsetting service and a conception/design service for drawing UE-funded project proposals.

Indica srl
Via Montebello 10
44121 Ferrara
fon: +39 (0)532 241437


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IXON Technology Co.,Ltd

IXON Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1991, provides software solutions, consulting, training and technical support to customers in Taiwan.

Additionally, IXON offers project support to customers.

IXON Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr. Hank Huang / Mr. Joe, Yu-Shen Ke
9F, No.259,Sec. 2, Ho Ping East Road
Taipei 106
Taiwan R.O.C.

fon +886-2-2704-5535
fax +886-2-2754-1785

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SEAmbiental, S.A. de C.V.

SEAmbiental, S.A. de C.V., the Umberto Partner from Mexico, works for different companies in Mexico.

SEAmbiental, S.A. de C.V.
Mrs. Gladys Zerquera
Rancho Seco num 127
04930 Mexico City

fon +52 5556116536

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